Sony to add 1440p support to PS5 if demand arises

Sony to add 1440p support to PS5 if demand arises

Sony recently officially confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will not support native support for 1440p resolution, which, incidentally, is available in the Xbox Series X / S. The Japanese company said that this resolution is not very popular among console players.

However, Hideaki Nishino, head of platform development for Sony, in an interview with AV Watch, noted that the company may reconsider its position and add support for 1440p to the PS5 if there is a lot of demand from players.

In the same interview, Ishino said that PS VR will only support PS5 for backward compatibility, and in the future, Sony’s nextgen console may well receive an updated version of the headset. In addition, a Sony manager commented on the lack of a browser on the PS5, saying that such an option is not very much in demand on the game console.

The PlayStation 5 will start on November 12 in the United States and November 19 in Europe.

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