Smoke, strange sounds, and dead consoles are problems with the first Xbox Series X shipments

Smoke, strange sounds, and dead consoles are problems with the first Xbox Series X shipments

Why do some gamers choose to wait until later revisions of consoles are released? Because at the start of any new devices, manufacturing defects cannot be avoided. This does not mean that they are massively widespread, but the increased attention in the first weeks and months always creates the feeling that there are much more problems than in reality.

The launch of the Xbox Series X and S was no exception. 

A small number of Xbox Series X buyers started posting their failures online. It is difficult to say which of these problems are real and which are fabricated, but in any case it is worth remembering that these are all warranty cases and the retailer is obliged to replace the console if it does not work as expected. A full list of curiosities is collected on reddit , and one example, which is already being cut into memes, is the smoke rolling on top of the Xbox Series X. 

Judging by Twitter, the case is not an isolated one, however, they say that some of these cases are fakes. With the same success, there may be a vaporizer behind. For example like this: 

There is also a video where the console allegedly turns itself off .

And on Twitter they write that the console does not react at all, but the user has already contacted Microsoft. 

There is a case where a Series X owner does not have a disc in the drive.

This user has something wrong with the cooler because the console is clicking suspiciously.

And during the game, artifacts are noted.

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