PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus will arrange a post-apocalyptic crossover

PUBG Mobile introduces Metro Royale mode based on the Metro Exodus universe

The PUBG Corporation studio announced details of the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus. Collaboration with 4A Games has created a new Metro Royale mode with unique gameplay features and a redesigned progression system. In addition, the game received a Royale Pass 16 themed pass.

To get into the new mode, you need to click in the game menu at the entrance to the metro tunnel, which will transfer to the Metro Royale lobby. All systems, functions, such as the black market, inventory, missions, talents, ratings and more are presented here. From the lobby, players will be taken to a new map of Erangel, where players can explore the ruins, hide in trenches, sneak through bandit camps, use a rail vehicle, and explore a host of other objects not previously featured in Battle Royale.

What’s more available in Metro Royale:

  • Thermal imager for finding enemies
  • Night vision devices for orientation in the dark
  • Heavy armor with enhanced protection
  • Themed weapons that can be equipped with hanging grenades
  • From the weapon can be distinguished the rifle “Tihar” with a silencer

The latter can be effectively used against bandits, in whose camps there are supplies and other useful things. The main thing is to be careful with elite enemies – it will take practice and training to defeat them.

The Black Market will be a unique store for Metro Royale, where you can purchase supplies, equipment, and sell loot before the match. At the same time, equipment collected in the mode can be stored in the inventory. In particular, ammunition, so as not to be left with useless weapons during the match.

To expand the lore of PUBG Corp. added a command post where NPCs live. You can communicate with them, learn backstories and give gifts, in exchange for a reputation for which there is a chance to get resources.

The PUBG Mobile update has also included Classic Mode. Throwing melee weapons and spike traps appeared here. The first allows you to knock down players without helmets, the second punctures the tires of a car. 

Other changes include a new version of PUBG Mobile, which weighs 70% less and on Android includes an easy installation feature. All the details of patch 1.1 on the official website .

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