New trailer for the “Steel Dawn” update for Fallout 76

New trailer for the Steel Dawn update for Fallout 76

A new trailer for the Steel Dawn update for Fallout 76 has been released . The video introduces the main new characters.

Paladin Leila Rahmani recently arrived with her squad from California to organize a new branch of the Brotherhood in Appalachia. Cooperate with other factions or act against them and do whatever is necessary to succeed. Visit new settlements, meet characters, and unlock new weapons and armor from the Brotherhood’s arsenal. Take part in an important mission to revive human civilization and help the Brotherhood of Steel find valuable technology.

Inside the update, there is a new storyline, locations, equipment, a season pass, CAMP hideouts and temporary allies. Bethesda also showed a calendar of events for the near future.

New trailer for the Steel Dawn update for Fallout 76

The release will take place on December 1. The Season Pass goes live on December 15th.

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