Media: Mads Mikkelsen May Get Grindelwald In Fantastic Beasts

Media Mads Mikkelsen May Get Grindelwald In Fantastic Beasts

After the news that Johnny Depp will not star in the Fantastic Beasts triquel, Deadline reported that Mads Mikkelsen could be entrusted with the role of the evil wizard. Actor and studio Warner Bros. now at the stage of negotiations.

According to Deadline, Mikkelsen was chosen by the director of the franchise, David Yates. The director wants to see him as a wizard, and Warner Bros. not against this development of events. Who else claims this role is unknown.

Warner Bros. decided to abandon Johnny Depp after he lost the trial with The Sun. The actor intends to appeal and prove his innocence. Nevertheless, the studio will have to pay the actor his royalties.

Recently, the premiere date of the third Fantastic Beasts was changed to July 15, 2022, instead of November 2021.

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