Bloody post-apocalypse in the Dreadlands tactics release trailer

Bloody post-apocalypse in the Dreadlands tactics release trailer

FatShark has released a trailer for the Dreadlands tactic , which went out of early access. After eight months of development, the game has received a lot of content: there are three gangs to choose from, 40 hours of content and very bloody battles.

Action  Dreadlands unfolds in several biomes, and the players available co-op and PvP combat.


Welcome to a bright, vibrant and brutal post-apocalypse. Dreadlands is a turn-based tactical game set in a ruthless environment where life and death revolve around the constant struggle for the Glow, a resource as valuable as it is mysterious.

Explore the amazingly diverse regions of the Dreadlands as you overcome a wealth of challenges offered by treacherous terrain, ravenous beasts and locals.

Dreadlands is now available on PC.

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