Auto Chess quietly left Early Access

Auto Chess quietly left Early Access

The PCGamesN edition drew attention to the fact that Auto Chess , which was created as a mod for Dota 2, has left Early Access. The journalists noted that the developers of the game did not advertise the release, which apparently took place on October 28.

The media checked the social networks and the game’s website, but they only publish descriptions of small patches and material about the transfer of the PS4 version. There is no release information there. What’s more, the title page in EGS doesn’t even have a release date.

PCGamesN contacted the service support with clarifications. The developers have confirmed to EGS that  Auto Chess is indeed out of Early Access, but the announcement and details of the full version will be released later.

Auto Chess is currently available on PC, iOS and Android. The PS4 version was supposed to be released on October 30, but the studio postponed the release indefinitely. The title will also be released on Switch at a later date.

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