Archers Childe and Dione – Presentation of New Genshin Impact Characters

Archers Childe and Dione - Presentation of New Genshin Impact Characters

MiHoYo has published several trailers featuring a new character – Archer Childe. In addition, today the action will be updated to version 1.1., Which will introduce three more new heroes, reputation and the first seasonal event.

Backstory of Childe, also known as “Tartaglia”:

In the eyes of Agent Fatoui Javert, the Eleven Harbingers have always been high-status figures. Javert only remembers once, when Sandrone mentored him when he was a rookie.

But today Javert is suddenly sought out by Childe with orders to accompany him in order to repay a certain debt. Javert is taken by surprise, he doesn’t know what to expect …

Childe is a hydro-archer (five stars) who can switch between ranged and melee attacks, transforming bow into blades. Juggle – uses a geo-spear and knows how to inflict damage over the area, has powerful defensive abilities and the power to turn enemies into stone.

This pair will be joined by two four-star characters: Xiao with a pashal and the cryo-archer Dione. Also, patch 1.1 will add new story quests to Genshin Impact , close the Liyue arc and many story characters will be added to the wishlist.

One of the main features of the update will be the city reputation system, which is unlocked upon reaching rank 25. The first two-week event will be earned, within which players can complete a series of new quests.

It became known that with update 1.1. the developers have added support for PS5 – on the new Sony console, the game runs at 60 fps. However, this is not a full-fledged nextgen version of the title, but an opportunity to run an action for backward compatibility.

Genshin Impact is available for free on PC, PS4 and mobile devices.

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