The MeowTalk app released – a cat to human translator

The MeowTalk app released - a cat to human translator

On Google Play and the AppStore , the MeowTalk application has been released, which translates from feline to human and vice versa. It was created by Javier Sanchez, top manager of Akvelon. It removes the language barrier between the pet and its owner.

The application uses machine learning and big data technologies. AI is constantly improving and offers the best translation of cat sounds. It parses the meow and then uses 10 built-in parameters to classify them.

The creator of the application separately noted that cats do not have a single language, but each of them has its own vocabulary, which it constantly uses.

The app does not have very high ratings in stores, but most of the low ratings are due to the lack of translation in various languages. Many users are glad that now they can send the cat to hell.

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