PS5 Designer: Initially, the console was even bigger

PS5 Designer Initially, the console was even bigger

When Sony unveiled the PS5 design and the size of the console began to surface on the web, everyone was surprised by the size of the device. PS5 designer Yujin Morisawa followed these discussions and was delighted.

In an interview with The Washington Post, he told how it all began.

I was trying to create an invisible mass between the player and the engineering. There is something between the device and the user that is worth expressing. When working on a design, you want it to feel comfortable. Sometimes the result looks like a plant, animal, or some object.

This is better than what looks strange and unfamiliar. It’s funny. I’m not offended, and I like to watch people play with designs. There is positive energy in this.

According to Morisawa, this was the purpose of causing discord among the people. He also said that the console was originally larger, but Sony engineers asked the designer to reduce the PS5.

I knew the console would be big given its power – I knew how much air flow should be and how much space would be required for the radiator. In the first drawings, it was even larger, although I did not yet know the wishes of the engineers.

It’s funny how they told me later that it was too big. So I had to make it smaller. Now her size is perfect. If I made it thinner, it would interfere with the flow of air and, as a result, the players.

While working on the design, Morisawa weighed every step and wondered if the PS5 should look like the heir to the PS4 or the console should have a completely different look. The same goes for the icons on the DualSense controller.

According to Morisawa, the shape of the icons is already enough so as not to paint them in different colors. As for the texture on the controller and the plates, this is an easter egg. The designer hinted that fans might find even more secrets.

The release of the PS5 in America and some other countries is scheduled for November 12.

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