Media Hyundai is in talks to buy Boston Dynamics

Media Hyundai is in talks to buy Boston Dynamics

Japanese holding SoftBank is negotiating the sale of Boston Dynamics to the car manufacturer Hyundai. Bloomberg reported about this with reference to its own sources. According to the portal, the deal may amount to $ 1 billion, although it is too early to talk about its completion.

A Bloomberg source noted that currently the terms of the deal have not been agreed – one of the parties may abandon its decision.

If the sale of Boston Dynamics does take place, then Hyundai will become the third company under which the manufacturer will take control. Boston Dynamics started in the 90s as an independent company. It was acquired by Google in 2013, and became the property of SoftBank in 2017.

According to Bloomberg, Boston Dynamics robots are extremely popular, but from a commercial point of view, things are not so good. Spot, though sold, can hardly be called profitable. This is probably why the company is being bought and sold.

For Hyundai, the acquisition might make sense as the company builds practical industrial robots for use in factories.

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