DualShock 4 works when remotely playing PS5 games on PS4

DualShock 4 works when remotely playing PS5 games on PS4

The more media users get their hands on the PS5, the more unexpected details emerge online. For example, it turned out that the DualShock 4 controller works great when playing games from PS5 to PS4 remotely.

This is strange, since a DualShock 4, connected directly to the PS5, does not work with new products that were developed exclusively for the nextgen. What guided Sony is unclear. In this case, gamepads for people with disabilities on the DualShock 4 platform, of course, function according to a similar principle. Those interested will have to wait for devices on the DualSense platform to appear or influence Sony. For example, some are already proposing to raise this topic everywhere in social networks.

Also, the VGC editor decided to check an unexpected scheme – to start remote playback of games from PS5 to PS4 with PS Vita connected to PS4 via remote playback. Nothing succeeded. It seems impossible to connect the PS Vita “remotely” to the PS5 right away.

PS5 will be released on November 12.

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