Borderlands 3 Season Pass Second Trailer

Borderlands 3 Season Pass Second Trailer

Gearbox Software has released a trailer for the second season pass for the Borderlands 3 co-op looter shooter , which includes some rather unusual bonuses. In particular, the so-called Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut, as well as a set of cosmetics for each of the characters.

Designer’s Cut adds a new Arms Race mode to Borderlands 3 , reminiscent of a royal battle, and an additional skill tree for each of the playable heroes. The details of Director’s Cut are still kept secret by the creators of the game – it is likely that players will have new story tasks and high-level content in it.

The new Borderlands 3 Season Pass is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. You can upgrade your title to the nextgen version for free.

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