Bloomberg: How Xbox Series Was Created In A Pandemic

Bloomberg How Xbox Series Was Created In A Pandemic

Bloomberg released material dedicated to the creation and release of Xbox Series X | S in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The bosses were ready to go to any lengths so that the process did not suffer.

  • Microsoft tried to mimic the office space as much as possible, which is necessary in creative work
  • An add-on xCloud was developed, which allows you to test games remotely with surround sound and high resolution
  • Another similar development allowed one artist to connect to another’s computer and collaborate on concept art. Works were demonstrated to colleagues in Microsoft Teams
  • In May, the head of Forza Motorsport’s Turn 10 studio asked employees to pick up whatever they might need from the office. Then some have packed their trucks to capacity
  • Turn 10 offered to reimburse home office expenses like chairs
  • One of the best graphics programmers, Turn 10, lives close to nature – almost in the forest, without wired high-speed Internet. The head of the studio almost gave the go-ahead to lay a dedicated cable underground, but in the end they decided to do otherwise – to provide this important employee with a fast and less expensive 5G connection.

Bloomberg also shared the forecast of Omdia – 4.6 million PS5 and 3.2 million Xbox Series X | S will be sold this year.

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