Media Hackers demand $ 11 million from Capcom for 1 TB of stolen data

Media Hackers demand $ 11 million from Capcom for 1 TB of stolen data

Last week it became known that Capcom’s servers had been hacked by a hacker group. BleepingComputer later shared the details. The hackers turned out to be Ragnar Locker, who demanded a ransom from Capcom for the stolen data.

BleepingComputer later shared the details

In total, 1TB of information was stolen from corporate networks of departments in the USA, Canada and Japan. The hackers said they were exposed to detailed sales reports, tax documents and employee personal data, including passport details and nondisclosure agreements.

As evidence, Ragnar Locker has attached several screenshots, including detailed data on the publisher’s game sales on Steam. The hackers also encrypted two thousand devices connected to the Capcom networks and demand $ 11 million in bitcoins as a ransom.

BleepingComputer later shared the details

If the company pays, Ragnar Locker promises to return access to employees’ devices and delete all data that got to them. In case of refusal, the data will be freely available on the network or at an auction for interested people.

Ubisoft and Crytek servers were previously hacked. Another group was behind these hacker attacks – Egergor. Which company will be the next victim?

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