Bloomberg: Microsoft is interested in the Japanese market

Bloomberg Microsoft is interested in the Japanese market

According to Bloomberg, the Japanese market remains attractive to Microsoft, and the company is looking for potential assets among local developers. One of the options speculators call SEGA, which is experiencing serious problems .

An analyst at Tokyo’s Ace Research Institute is confident that Japan could become the second largest market for the Xbox. Microsoft is in talks with publisher Koei Tecmo for collaboration, and several local studios have received purchase bids. In addition, Phil Spencer has been visiting the country for several years in a row for a reason.

Against the background of the American Microsoft’s interest in the market, the Bloomberg journalist highlighted the loss of interest in the home market from Sony. The Japanese corporation has focused on the American market after PS4 sales in the US significantly surpassed Japan. According to the newspaper, now the American office is responsible for marketing and all decisions come from its leaders.

On the part of both companies, these are deliberate steps to expand the market and strengthen their position in the so-called “console war”. Who will get big dividends from this – time will tell.

Xbox Series will go on sale November 10. PS5 will be available from November 12th.

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