Watch Dogs: Legion Released With Ray Tracing On Xbox Series X & S

Watch Dogs Legion Released With Ray Tracing On Xbox Series X & S

Journalists and Xbox Series X and S gamers report that Watch Dogs: Legion has an update that brings an improved version of the game to next-gen consoles. The exact resolution remains to be seen, but the game runs on both consoles at 30fps with ray tracing.

The first screenshots and videos appeared after the game update.

John Linneman of Digital Foundry said that the game on all platforms has limitations on the distance to objects that appear in reflections. This distance is the shortest on consoles. It can be seen that objects in the background turn into cubes with very low resolution textures. It is also likely that the maximum reflection distance of cars, people and other objects is even smaller.

Shown below are some footage of ray tracing running on Xbox Series S.

On PS5, the game will also run at 30fps and ray tracing.

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