PS5 can’t copy PS5 games from SSD to external storage

PS5 can't copy PS5 games from SSD to external storage

According to DigitalFoundry’s masters , while exploring the functionality of the PlayStation 5 console, they discovered one inconvenient feature. At least now there is no way to copy games when the main drive runs out of space.

In case the PS5’s SSD is fully occupied, gamers won’t be able to simply copy games to an external drive. And given that there is no support for SSD expansion at launch, an unpleasant situation awaits players. The only way to install new games is to uninstall old ones. In case you want to install something again, you will have to download all the files from scratch. However, this only applies to PS5 games, PS4 titles can still be copied to external storage.

Like the Xbox Series X and S, the PS5 can only run native games from SSDs, as these drives are specially adapted for consoles. There are already 1TB cards available for the Xbox, but for the PS5, it is not yet clear when the M.2 cards and their support will arrive. At the same time, any games can be copied to Xbox Series X | S and placed on external storage. They cannot be run from there in a zipped form, but you do not need to download all the files from scratch. Why this option is not available on PS5 is difficult to say.

Considering that PS5 has only 667 GB for games, and their sizes often reach 100 GB and more, Sony needs to deal with this shortcoming as soon as possible. Considering how Sony bragged about its SSD, this is an awkward situation.

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