How To Quickly Raise Your Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact

How To Quickly Raise Your Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact

As with many similar games, leveling in Genshin Impact plays an important role in advancing the world. Many features such as co-op, new quest lines, and new enemies are only unlocked when you reach a certain rank in the adventure. You may have already reached the point where you have nothing to do because your adventure rank is too low.

Naturally, the higher the adventure level, the more experience you will need to level up. For example, in the early stages you need no more than 1000 experience points, and after level 15 this number will increase to 25 thousand points. This is a rudimentary system used throughout RPG games. But Genshin Impact, due to its shareware model, can put you in the way of leveling. The first 10-15 hours they will be invisible, but still. We have compiled a guide for leveling up in Genshin Impact where we will tell you how to quickly raise your adventure rank. Especially if you are a beginner.

Let’s just say there are many different ways, but they won’t give you a lot of momentum. None of them will allow you to magically jump several ranks at once. However, there are techniques that are helpful, enjoyable, and don’t take too long.

Adventurer’s Guild Quests

By far the best way to gain a lot of experience without wasting a lot of time is through the Adventurer’s Guild’s Daily Quests. Speak with Catherine in Mondstadt to receive the Adventurer’s Guide. The second tab is called “Orders”.

Genshin Impact Adventurer's Guild Quests

You need to complete four daily missions. They are scattered across the map, but if you’ve already unlocked most of the teleportation waypoints, you’ll be able to quickly get to the desired location. Daily errands range from defeating a bunch of enemies to gathering some ingredients or cooking.

These simple quests are worth your time because each one will reward you with 200 Adventure XP. If you complete all four of them, you will receive an additional bonus of 500 Adventure XP. This is a great boost to Adventure Rating over the minimum effort you need to put in.

Genshin Impact Adventurer's Guild Quests

Boss Raids

Whether you’re tired of completing guild quests, or just completed them to date, boss raids are the next best way to get your adventure experience fast.

Genshin Impact Boss Raids

Go to the Bosses tab in your Adventure Guide and choose the one that gives you the most Adventure XP at the best level available to you. Alternatively, defeat one of the two bosses: Cryo Mage of the Abyss or Arteries of the Earth, both located in the area of ​​Mondsstadt in the Highlands of Howling Winds. A great choice especially for new players. They are low level and defeating them can give you 100 Adventure XP. If you advance further in the game, replace them with elite bosses for 200 experience points or weekly bosses for 300.

The best thing about boss hunting is that you can do it multiple times if you have enough resin to collect rewards. Bosses like Cryo Void Mage only require 20 resin. If you spend the fully restored original resin on these bosses, you can get up to 600 adventure experience points.

Genshin Impact Boss Raids

Clearing dungeons

Clearing dungeons can bring you a decent amount of adventure experience. Exactly how much you get depends on the specific dungeon, so check the guide for the rewards before continuing. One-time dungeons, the first of which opens at level 12, are a great way to get started. Their rewards range from 200 to 500 experience points. However, as the name suggests, you will only receive the award once.

Genshin Impact Clearing dungeons

A more profitable way to farm EXP in the long run is with repeatable dungeons. The first, Cecilia’s Garden, opens at level 16. You can potentially get 100 EXP every time you beat it. Although this can take a lot longer than, for example, defeating the weakest bosses, there are many more varied rewards in the dungeons.

Experience quests

Unlike the options mentioned above, XP quests are not repeated in the Adventure Guide. But on the other hand, these tasks, designed exclusively for farming EXP, are quite complex and do not take a lot of time.

For completing XP tasks, you will receive 100 Adventure XP each time. Completing the first three alone will already give you nearly 2000 adventure experience. The tasks are very simple and you probably completed most of them without even realizing. This is both a raid on a boss and a banal cooking of various dishes. In parallel with completing other tasks, you will also carry out the instructions in the reference book, so it is doubly beneficial.

Genshin Impact Experience quests

The tasks are divided into different chapters. You can proceed to the next chapter only after all the tasks of the experience have been completed in this one. The number of tasks, and therefore the amount of experience that can be gained in each chapter, will increase as you progress through them.

Researching and completing quests

Finally, two of the most obvious ways. The first is to explore the game world. Now there are only two regions, but the third will arrive in December. The open world of Genshin Impact is filled with teleportation points, statues of the Seven Gods, and dungeons that you can discover and gain a small amount of adventure experience. If you enjoy wandering around the beautiful Genshin Impact map and don’t mind spending a little more time, this is a great way to level up.

Genshin Impact Researching and completing quests

You can also search around the world for spheres of amenocules and geocules. Offering them to the Statues of the Seven will give you a lot of experience, but again it takes quite a while and can only be done once.

The second way is to complete all story quests. This is without a doubt one of the most fun ways to boost your adventure rating. Completing the quest usually gives you several hundred experience points.

However, most of the quests will take much longer to complete than daily assignments or killing bosses. They also do not repeat, and most likely you will run out of them if you only pass them. But in return, you will get much more interesting tasks and storylines than completing guild missions. If you’re just trying to speed your way up to the higher ranks of adventures in Genshin Impact, you’re probably better off sticking with the quests. Additional quests can be found throughout Taiwan by talking to NPCs.

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