Electronic Arts extends contracts with NHL and UFC

Electronic Arts extends contracts with NHL and UFC

In its last financial statement, EA announced a substantial decline in earnings. However, the revenues generated by FIFA and NHL will only be booked in the next quarter, which puts the latest results into perspective. In any case, EA’s sports business seems to be sustainable, and the publisher is looking to the future.

Indeed, EA recently announced that the partnership with the NHL , the North American hockey league, had been renewed over several years , without it being possible to know exactly until when, or if this agreement, which has lasted for 29 years , is exclusive. When it comes to the UFC, things are a bit clearer. In a statement, EA said the contract with the UFC has been extended until 2030 , and that it will be the only company able to develop officially licensed titles. Tracey Bleczinski, Vice President of UFC Global Products, said on the occasion of the announcement:

We are delighted to continue our partnership with EA for the next 10 years. EA Sports has become a natural extension of the UFC brand and an important way to engage with our fans. We’ve just released our most successful game to date, and EA continues to prove that there is room to grow and introduce the sport to new fans. We will continue to push the boundaries together and create amazing games (…).

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