Why are Brawl Stars players expecting something big on November 14?

Why are Brawl Stars players expecting something big on November 14

The Brawl Stars community has been very focused around one specific date lately. Why?

Brawl Talks are one of the most important elements of Brawl Stars. Movies with the presentation of new products always evoke great emotions. Now, according to players, the next Brawl Talk may be planned in just over a week.

Many people talk about November 14, but it is difficult to say exactly where this information came from. The clock is pointing most here.

Why exactly November 14?

It is about the time shown on one of the maps. You can see there supposedly 4:37. But what does it mean and how is it connected with the number 14?

Why exactly November 14

Players found that adding 4 + 3 + 7 is a hint for the date of Brawl Talk. In total, this gives us the number 14. How credible and worth believing is this question, everyone has to answer for himself.

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Certainly, the confirmed information is that the new season will be somehow connected with Star park. At least that’s what the responses to Brawl Stars’ private developer accounts suggest.

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