When is Battlefield 6 coming? Players will have to wait several months

When is Battlefield 6 coming Players will have to wait several months

Developers are preparing the biggest game in the history of the Battlefield series. The premiere of the sixth edition of the game will take place in 2021.

Electronic Arts has revealed that the next installment of the Battlefield series will have an “unprecedented scale”. The release date is set for the holidays of 2021. With the release of the 6th edition of the title, Battlefield 5 and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will receive the final content update.

Developers probably want to redeem themselves by releasing a really good Battlefield 6 for the fifth part. This struggled with numerous problems and shortcomings from the very moment of its creation. Tons of the promised features were ultimately never put into the game. We are talking here about matches 5 vs 5.

It’s time to begin the revival of the Battlefield series

With the launch of next-gen consoles, it looks like EA and DICE are hoping to revive the Battlefield franchise. In the company’s latest financial performance call, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson gave some details about some of the company’s plans for 2021 and beyond.

According to Wilson, another Battlefield game is already in the works at DICE and has an “unprecedented scale”. Wilson added that next-gen consoles give the studio the ability to make “next-generation vision” a reality for the series. As Wilson says, internal testing of Battlefield 6 is already underway and the feedback on the game has been positive so far. What’s more, in the spring of 2022, the publishers plan to show off the next title in this series.

It's time to begin the revival of the Battlefield series

According to EA, Battlefield 6 will be one of six next-gen games. We will also see a new installment of Need for Speed, which the company plans to launch in fiscal year 2022. This one will start in April 2021 and will run until March 2022.

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