The main character Celeste turned out to be transgender

The main character Celeste turned out to be transgender

Matt Makes Games co-founder and Celeste screenwriter  Maddie Thorson, formerly Matt Thorson, revealed that the main character of the game, Madeline, is transgender. This question has often been asked by fans of the game. 

The developer has definitively answered it in a new blog post on Medium.

When I wrote Celeste , I truly believed that I was non-binary, but nevertheless I was waist-deep in gender feelings. When Madeleine looks in the mirror and sees her other self, when she tries to leave her reflection, which then drags her down the mountain as the two reconcile and merge to become stronger and fuller.

This was all unknowingly written from a transgender perspective.

The game does not speak about this directly, and Maddy himself thought for a long time about the gender of the heroine, but now he came to the conclusion that she is transgender. There are many small details in the game that indicate this.

Maddy himself considers his gender to be non-binary and prefers to be referred to as “they”.

Celeste is a game written and developed by a closed trans person who has been struggling with his gender identity.

Celeste is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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