Star Renegades Coming To Consoles In Late November

Star Renegades Coming To Consoles In Late November

Raw Fury and Massive Damage have unveiled a new trailer for the RPG roguelike Star Renegades , revealing a release date for the game on consoles. The game will reach Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on November 19, and on November 26 will be released on PS4.

In  Star Renegades, players will have to take control of a group of heroes who must confront the forces of the Imperium in tactical battles. Each death of the group is not considered fatal – the robot with the accumulated knowledge moves to another universe, which will try to repulse the enemies.


A servobot named J5T-1N has arrived in your dimension to warn of an impending invasion by a mysterious evil force known as the Imperium.

Fight for survival in a procedurally-generated immersive campaign using all the nuances of a tactical turn-based combat system with an emphasis on interruptions and counterattacks.

Star Renegades received 76 Metacritic points and 84% positive user reviews on Steam. The game was released on PC on September 8th.

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