PS5 will not support SSD expansion at console launch

PS5 will not support SSD expansion at console launch

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will not support SSD storage expansion functionality in the early days following the console’s release. The company noted that connecting additional SSDs will only appear after one of the first system updates. In other words, even if you decide to buy a card for the PS5’s internal slot, it will not function.

This news came as no surprise, as console architect Mark Cerny said back in March that the SSD expansion would only appear after the launch of the PlayStation 5:

Please do not rush to purchase M.2 cards until we have provided information.

This is primarily due to the availability of licensed M.2 cards, but when exactly users will be able to purchase the SSD expansion is not reported. In comparison, 1TB SSD cards are already available for the Xbox Series X and S.

As a temporary alternative, the PS5 will support external USB drives. 

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