Police chases in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit remaster gameplay

Police chases in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit remaster gameplay

The GameInformer edition presented 10 minutes of gameplay of the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit remaster . The video showed several races: a police pursuit, a regular race, in which law enforcement officers intervened, and another chase for cops.

In general, from the video, one can draw conclusions about the quality of the remaster and the improvement of the game graphics.


Unleash your frantic need for speed – try on the role of a criminal or a servant of the law and drive the coolest and most powerful cars in the world. Outsmart the cops or neutralize intruders using your arsenal in an incredible world of exciting racing where you can compete with your friends. We’ve updated the visuals and added cross-platform multiplayer, including the asynchronous mode of the Autolog system. The Ultimate Edition also includes all the DLCs – the most complete version of the critically acclaimed game from Criterion Games. It’s time to give chase again.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit launches today on PC, PS4, Xbox One and November 13th on Nintendo Switch.

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