Kingdom: Classic 2D Pixelated Strategy Punch Out on Steam

Kingdom Classic 2D Pixelated Strategy Punch Out on Steam

Raw Fury is giving away a 2D pixel-based strategy game Kingdom: Classic on Steam . The action is timed to the fifth anniversary of the title. This is an economic strategy, but with a side view. You need to rule a king or queen, who rule the peasants during the day and fight with evil spirits at night.

Players can explore forests, engage in defense, develop a farm and save money.


In Kingdom, every coin you spend can tip the scales towards prosperity or decline. Be mindful of your realm, from border to border, or venture out into the wild to discover its wonders and threats. Take possession of the land, build your defenses, and when darkness comes, stand with your people, crown on your head, until the very end.

The game has 89% positive reviews, especially the very addictive and at the same time simple gameplay.

Kingdom: Classic is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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