Gameplay and details of the Destruction AllStars modes

Gameplay and details of the Destruction AllStars modes

Developers from Lucid Games have published a gameplay trailer for the network arcade game Destruction AllStars , as well as shared details of the game modes. The game will have four modes, training, and a series of challenges, consisting of several battles with AI.


  • “Chaos” – a duel as part of a team or alone, you need to destroy as many opponents as possible in the allotted time
  • “Tornado” – when the enemy is destroyed, parts accumulate in your car, and in order to earn game points, you need to enter a tornado raging across the location – the player’s car is destroyed
  • “Piggy bank” – capture and hold points with the ability to pick up parts and submit them to one of three banks; the team that controls most of the banks wins
  • “Bouncers” – a 16-player version of the battle royale, with the floor falling below you

In 2021, the developers will add new AllStar stars, new challenges and new features to the game.

Release Destruction AllStars will be held in February. On release, the game will be available with a PS Plus subscription.

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