Developer Phasmophobia surprised by the game’s success and changed plans for its development

Developer Phasmophobia surprised by the game's success and changed plans for its development

Co-op horror developer Phasmophobia  told IGN that he didn’t expect the game to be so successful. He expected online in the region of 500 people, but it turned out that the peak was 112 thousand, and sales reached two million copies.

Due to this, Dknighter has revised its plans for the development of the title

According to the original idea,  Phasmophobia was not supposed to stay in Steam Early Access for long. The developer wanted to add new locations, ghosts and equipment to the full release, but now the technical part needs to be improved.

In the near future, he will release the first major patch to improve performance, fix bugs and improve game stability. Then Dknighter will switch to developing new content.

Also, the developer noted that he abandoned the idea of ​​PvP right away. Such a mechanic would completely change the concept and principle of  Phasmophobia , transforming it into a different game.

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