Banned streamer in Call of Duty: Warzone wanted to sue Activision

At the end of September, Activision carried out a massive purge of cheaters in  Call of Duty: Warzone . Then 20 thousand accounts were banned, including the popular streamer Nick Wagnificent Wagner, who did not want to accept this blocking.

According to him, the actions of Activision are wrong and he intends to go to court on this issue. Wagner noted that due to the suspension of the Warzone account, he cannot fully develop his Twitch channel. Everything that the streamer wrote on his twitter.

Wagnificent last streamed  Warzone 5 days ago

Nick Wagner ban warzone

I intend to leave it here [statement]. If it is not considered, then my lawyers will contact you shortly. This is a slander against the person and the destruction of my reputation.

However, later all messages were deleted for unknown reasons. Whether Wagnificent will eventually go to court against Activision is still unclear. Perhaps the company contacted him to resolve the issue before the matter reaches the highest authorities.

At the end of September, all the many banned cheaters decided to contact the developer of illegal programs and demand money from him. Players were convinced that the Warzone system would not recognize them.

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