Aquarium Manager – First Fishkeeper Trailer

Aquarium Manager - First Fishkeeper Trailer

Blinkclick Games has unveiled the first trailer for  Fishkeeper , a secret fish tank management tycoon. The video shows the creation of the interior of the aquariums, their design, breeding pets and the fish themselves. It will even be possible to surf the waters with the help of a small bathyscaphe.

The main task of the players is to sell fish at auctions and in stores. For successful breeding, you need to monitor the condition of the pets, their diet and the aquarium itself. You can even breed corals, shrimps and other types of sea creatures.


Take care of a variety of aquariums by providing fish and other animals with food, suitable conditions and pleasant company. Breed and auction the best specimens as you develop your aquarium kingdom. Buy the latest equipment, rare fish species and create ever larger tanks.

Fishkeeper will be released on PC someday.

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