What’s the real story behind Among Us? What do crewmates want to achieve by completing tasks?

What's the real story behind Among Us What do crewmates want to achieve by completing tasks

There is no specific storyline in Among Us, but can we guess what the crew members are doing on the ship?

Among Us there is no official storyline that could explain what the crew members are doing on the spaceship and what they are trying to do. It’s even hard to say whether the characters are scientists, explorers or someone else.

Even so, by looking at the tasks performed by the heroes, we can infer some goals.

So why do crew members perform certain tasks?

The easiest to define and the most obvious of the goals seems to be the maintenance of some items on the ship. The inside of the deck is a kind of microclimate that the crew members must take care of. It is therefore obvious to clean the O2 filters so that they do not run out of vital oxygen. Why are they full of leaves? This is a slightly more difficult question, but we can probably find it through the cosmic trees that we can see on Polus.

A skeld is a spacecraft used to travel between MIRA headquarters and the Polus research base and possibly elsewhere. The space is quite populated. The Align Telescope quest on Polus reveals a spaceship and a Dyson sphere. The crew probably leads a healthy social life together. In addition to geology, biology, and mining, crew members’ files contain several references to personal information about them, such as birthdays.

The computer interface seen during the process data job at MIRA headquarters displays a crew member running along a tree, flower, and mountain road, suggesting nostalgia for civilization on the planet.

The crew on board the Skeld appears to have been attacked by alien shapeshifters on their way to MIRA headquarters or the Polus research base. It is not clear whether it was through the spacecraft that the impostors broke into the headquarters of MIRA and Polus, or if all locations were attacked separately.

The crew members are extremely dedicated to their work, as evidenced by the fact that they carry out their tasks even from the afterlife. They seem to be searching for and analyzing artifacts and minerals. Still, some experiments suggest that they are also interested in something more.

Among Us

The best explanation for the attack of the impostors (alien lifeforms) on crew members is the breaking into an ancient relic – aliens -. by astronauts. Considering the evidence we have – the artifact is a broken crystal that needs to be put back together in the Assemble Artefact quest.

Among Us

It’s hard to say whether Among Us will ever get an official storyline. For now, we can only guess it based on the current data and maps as well as changes that will be released to the game in the future.

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