What do we know about the impostors in Among Us in terms of the plot? Why are they killing others?

What do we know about the impostors in Among Us in terms of the plot Why are they killing others

The impostors in Among Us appear to be one big mystery, but there are some possible explanations for the facts.

Who are the impostors in Among Us? This is a question that most InnerSloth players may ask themselves when they start thinking about the plot of the game. They are certainly not crew members, because why would they eliminate their colleagues and sabotage their equipment while doomed to extinction? It turns out that a few facts about them can be explained.

So what can we say about the impostors in Among Us?

First of all, as the developers themselves informed – impostors are actually shape-shifting, parasitic aliens. They have an advantage over normal crew members, such as being able to see freely in the dark. With this trait, they can sabotage the lighting and thus silently eliminate players without being so vulnerable to tracking.

Besides, they don’t need oxygen to live, so they can cut it off from other crew members and thus win. Of course, there is also the possibility that they also need to breathe oxygen and are sacrificing themselves that way, but that sounds rather unlikely.

Reading the descriptions of the costumes from the DLC, we can find out that the impostors infiltrated the Skeld ship some time before the crew members went to the MIRA headquarters or the Polus research base.


Of course, the above information is not confirmed by the developers, but as much can be deduced from what is currently in the world Among Us.

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