Should every character in CS GO be given an aesthetic accent linked to the player’s color?

Should every character in CS GO be given an aesthetic accent linked to the player's color

An interesting idea from one of the members of the CS GO community. Characters with an aesthetic accent matching the player’s color.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members suggested that developers introduce one small detail about the appearance of the characters in the game. It would not be a big change, but it would be noticeable and very interesting.

Thanks to this, each player would have their original skin on the map, and the change would definitely bring some freshness to the game.

How would this idea appear in reality?

The player even presented how the aesthetic accents on the characters should look like. You can see them below. The idea seems to be quite unnecessary in the long run, but it is very interesting and probably that is why at the time of writing the article it was supported by almost 6,000 Reddit users.

How would this idea appear in reality csgo

Perhaps the developers will notice this idea and decide to implement it in the game. You are certainly watching Reddit, and such a highly endorsed idea could actually make it into the game, especially since it is unlikely to take a long time to get done.

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