In Fortnite, you can now pick up a free collector. You have to “buy” it in the store for 0 V-Bucks

In Fortnite, you can now pick up a free collector. You have to buy it in the store for 0 V-Bucks

Starting today, Fortnite offers a free collector, which is something of a gift from Epic Games.

Epic Games relatively rarely gives away free items to players. Usually it has to do with various events, and the most common of course is all kinds of graffiti and emotes that virtually no one will ever use.

This time, in connection with the premiere of Fortnite on the new generation of consoles, a special offer with a free collector has appeared in the game.

Where to find a free collector?

The free collector does not show up right after entering the game. Go to the store and find a special offer there for 0 V-Bucks.

The offer will be available for several weeks, so you don’t need to hurry. It is likely a one-time action and there will be no more items of this type.

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However, it is worth mentioning that today the classic skins have also hit the store. However, they are no longer free, you have to pay for them normally.

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