What’s changing the new Among Us update? When is player reporting and the friends system?

What's changing the new Among Us update When is player reporting and the friends system

Among Us is growing all the time. Along with today’s update description, a small roadmap is also available.

A new update has been made to Among Us that changes several smaller components. It’s a patch that mostly contains the fixes that couldn’t be applied last time.

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Now they are available to everyone, not just people with the beta version. What’s more interesting, in addition to the update, a small roadmap has also been added.

When will the friends system be introduced?

The most interesting information that appears in the roadmap is the approximate release date of the account system.

Among Us When will the friends system be introduced

According to what the developers write, the accounts should be implemented as early as December. This will allow a few things – especially reporting toxic people and cheaters. In addition, a friend system will be introduced, i.e. the ability to add others to your list and arrange to play together.

However, you have to bear in mind that the friends system may not enter immediately. You will have to wait for it until everything is working properly and without major errors. Still, 2020 is still at stake.

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