Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram After Criticizing His Brown Batman Suit

Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram After Criticizing His Brown Batman Suit

Recently it was revealed that American rapper Travis Scott will be Sony’s creative partner in the PS5 promotion. It’s hard to say what results this collaboration will bring, especially if we judge by his Halloween costume fail, which led to the deletion of his Instagram account.

Scott was one of many celebrities who posted Halloween costumes on social media. But last weekend, Travis fans noticed that his Instagram account was deactivated. And now the main theory boils down to the fact that the reason for the closure of the account is in a flurry of negative comments, ridiculing the Batman costume in which the performer dressed.

Travis Scott Bateman

This is a photo of a Batman costume inspired by the one worn by Michael Keaton. While the costume came out well designed, fans weren’t impressed by the fact that the costume turned out to be brown. So many began to compare Scott to a cockroach. However, others believe that the deletion of the account is related to an attempt to tease the rapper’s future album. According to unconfirmed reports, Scott’s departure from Instagram may be related to his desire to focus on family and personal affairs – which does not sound very convincing.

Let’s hope Travis Scott won’t help advertise the PS5 in the same way. On the other hand, being a creative partner does not mean that the musician himself will come up with ideas for Sony. Most likely, it will just appear in commercials or in images, without having any impact on the creative value. 

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