Phil Spencer The Industry Needs Black Leaders

Phil Spencer The Industry Needs Black Leaders

During Kotaku’s interview with Phil Spencer, the conversation turned to the number of black professionals in the gaming industry. Earlier in June 2020, when the BLM protests were taking place in the US, Microsoft promised to be better for its black employees and customers.

The company now employs about 5% of black employees, but more than 13% of the black population lives in the United States. The company has pledged to double the number of such managers and senior executives in the United States by 2025.

Spencer believes the industry lacks black managers and executives. For years, African Americans had little chance of becoming leaders in the gaming industry. Other people were in the lead. Spencer himself admits that this is how he became the head of the gaming division of Microsoft:

As these people get promoted, you get a lot of people like me. Our organization doesn’t need more people like me. We need a more diverse team. Therefore, I would say that we are now focused on the diversity of the management team.

Microsoft is now gearing up for the Xbox Series X / S release on November 10th.

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