Mayhem Brawler Arcade Bitemap First Trailer

Mayhem Brawler Arcade Bitemap First Trailer

Hero Concept has unveiled the first trailer for  Mayhem Brawler, a comic-style arcade batemup. In a short video, they showed battles with enemies, several locations and three main characters.

Players will face criminals, werewolves, a corporation of vampires and street wizards. There are many techniques and combos that can be used to combat them. Users will find a cooperative for three, 30 mobs, 12 bosses and three unique endings.


Answering a routine patrol call, Dolphin, Zvezda and Trouble – the most popular officers of the super-powerful Stronghold law enforcement agency – find themselves in a series of events that will change the fate of the entire city.

Mayhem Brawler will be released in 2021 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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