How did it happen that FIFA 21 made a reference to a famous CSGO player?

How did it happen that FIFA 21 made a reference to a famous CSGO player

In the English language version of FIFA 21 we can find a reference to a well-known CSGO player.

In 2018, an extraordinary achievement was made at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Australia played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Renegades player Noah “Nifty” Francis scored 51 frags against mousesports. This event was remembered by the community, especially as the audience chanted “Nifty fifty” at the time.

csgo and fifa 21

What does this have to do with FIFA 21? Well, the developers decided to commemorate this situation in the latest installment of their football series.

How did EA commemorate the accomplishment of a CSGO player?

In FIFA 21 we can find the challenge of scoring 50 goals. In honor of the American competitor, it was named “Nifty 50”.

This is a very interesting situation, because Electronic Arts is in no way associated with Valve or Counter-Strike, and yet Francis has “his” achievement there.


Probably no one would expect such a gesture from EA. What’s more, a large part of the FIFA 21 community may not even pay attention to it, as noticing such a detail requires knowledge of the Counter-Strike esports scene.

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