Details of moral choices in the tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Details of moral choices in the tactical RPG King Arthur Knight's Tale

Two weeks ago, Neocore Games, known for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr and Van Helsing, unveiled their new title, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. The studio decided to reveal the details of the moral choice, which it casually mentioned during the announcement.

The gameplay of a tactical RPG will be leisurely and with an emphasis on the importance of decisions. Players will face the consequences after completing a series of missions. According to the developers, moral choice is important in the game – it is the center of the whole story.

It will depend on the player how his companions and enemies relate to the hero. All decisions will be marked on a map on which you can trace the state of the character. On the one hand, Justice and Tyranny, and on the other, Paganism and Christianity.

In one case or another, unique ways of developing the plot or opportunities during the battle open up. For example, only those who gravitate towards the Old Gods will be able to meet Morgan le Fay. It is possible to impose a tribute on those given to fill the treasury, but the player will become a tyrant.

If the moral values ​​of the player and a certain character in the group coincide, then unique skills will be available in battle. In this case, all animations are created using motion capture and photo scanning.

Neocore Games hopes to get funding for  King Arthur: Knight’s Tale  through a Kickstarter campaign. The game has 8 days left to collect the required amount. At the time of writing, $ 143,000 out of the required 150 have been raised.

The game has a Steam page .

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