The Medium denied classification in Australia

The Medium denied classification in Australia

Australia’s Kotaku has reported that Bloober Team’s horror  The Medium , the first full-fledged Xbox Series X exclusive, has been denied ratings in Australia. Unfortunately, the reasons are unknown.

There is a possibility that the refusal is related to incorrect filling of the IARC form or other bureaucratic details. The Bloober Team studio announced that it will tackle this issue in the coming days. Chances are it could be fixed before release, as it is still five weeks away, but The Medium may not make it to Australian retail shelves at this time  .

The Medium  is a third-person psychological horror game. This is a game that features the signature double reality and the original soundtrack of the collaboration between Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka. The main feature is two worlds, real and otherworldly, through which the heroine moves simultaneously.

The Medium will be released December 10 on PC and Xbox Series X.

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