The developers of Among Us are responding to how they will separate the players more and whether they will move MedBay

The developers of Among Us are responding to how they will separate the players more and whether they will move MedBay

The Among Us players have been asking developers for some time to somehow influence the balance on the map.

Among them will surely undergo more than one change. We know from recent interviews that the game will come to the third role one day, and you can expect major changes to the maps. Meanwhile, there is also a lot of talk about a certain change in balance.

Many people have asked to move or simply change the placement of the Medbay. It turns out that this is not possible because the whole map would have to be redrawed. There is, however, a solution.

Rebirths in other places

Developers are listening to the community’s response and we already know that in the future they will want to separate the players more, so that they do not walk in groups, or that it will be difficult to stick to the others.

The first idea is a different, random respawn point at the beginning of the game. This would add a lot of variety and at the same time facilitate the task of the Impostors.

“Our first idea to separate players is to introduce different respawn locations so that players will naturally change their behavior. I don’t want to confirm anything or anything because it takes a lot of work, but so far it’s the best idea”.

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When? This is completely unknown. It is possible, however, that it will be introduced together with the upcoming map – this information is not confirmed and should not be treated as such, but the developers are certainly considering it at this point.

So far, the main source of information about Among’s future are all kinds of interviews, where InnerSloth gives tips on what he is working on at the moment. Unfortunately, no dates are set there, not even approximate ones.

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