Tactile feedback and no downloads – features of Demon’s Souls on PS5

Tactile feedback and no downloads - features of Demon's Souls on PS5

Bluepoint Games’ remake of Demon’s Souls will be released in three weeks  , and the game’s creative director Gavin Moore has  revealed some of the features of the title on PS5. With SSD and DualSense, players will have a unique experience.

The solid state drive changes everything, especially the  Demon’s Souls. I think in the original, many were upset after death, because you had to wait for the download. Only then could the players return to the game to take revenge and get their souls back.

What now? Your character dies and you are back in the game. There will still be “elevator rides,” but now it’s a creative choice, not a limitation. They are there to create tension.

With DualSense, players will experience tactile vibrations. During the fight, you can feel the impact of metal on metal, perfect parry, understand the moment when it is better to make a counterattack, and it is easy to guess which blow was correct.

More than 180 support videos have been added to the game, which can be watched while playing Demon’s Souls . According to Moore, gamers no longer even have to leave the game.

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