Gabe Newell will send garden gnome into space from Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Gabe Newell will send garden gnome into space from Half-Life 2 Episode Two

As part of the Electron rocket mission, which will launch from November 15 to the end of December, a titanium figurine of the garden gnome Chompski from Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be sent into space  . Gabe Newell will thus realize the achievement “Little Astronaut” in real life, as well as raise money for the Starship Hospital in New Zealand.

He will donate a dollar for each viewer who will follow the launch on the Rocket Lab website  or watch the broadcast in the first 24 hours after it starts. 

The gnome figurine will be made by Weta Workshop, its height will be about 1.5 meters. It is expected that the creation will test a new 3D printing technology, which in the future they want to use for cheaper and faster production of rocket elements. Dwarf Chopmsky will not be a passenger. It will be fixed on one of the external carriers, which will have to burn up in the atmosphere after separation from the Electon rocket.

The achievement “Little Rocket Man” was given to players who carried the garden gnome through the entire storyline of  Half-Life 2: Episode Two,  put him in a rocket in White Grove, and sent him into space.

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