Bethesda does not rule out the development of new online games after Fallout 76

Bethesda does not rule out the development of new online games after Fallout 76

In an interview with Brighton’s Develop conference, the head of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, spoke about what aspects of Fallout 76 his team miscalculated and why the company will not abandon the development of such games-services in the future.

Howard admitted that while many of Fallout 76’s elements worked well, most of the audience was not enjoying the game.

The plot and quests have been absent from the game for a long time, and I think our designers did a great job with the stories that were told through cassettes, terminals and environments.

For most people, the aspects of survival worked great, but we quickly realized that the main audience was not getting what they expected. No doubt we let them down from the very start. We wanted to create something different, but the players do not always want the same – this is not their fault, this position is understandable. I think we did a bad job explaining how Fallout 76 will be different from previous games in the series.

However, Howard said that Fallout 76 is now a completely different game than two years ago, and the developers have become more experienced. Therefore, the head of Bethesda does not exclude the development of new games of the same format in the future.

Despite all the problems and well-deserved criticism, a lot of users play in Fallout 76. Millions tell us that the game has that very seed. I am incredibly proud of the team that makes the game only better every month. However, without our audience, we would hardly have achieved this.

Overall, this is a worthy experience for us. We have become much better developers with a closer connection with our players. I can’t say Fallout 76 will be the last game of this format.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In December, with the Steel Dawn update, the Brotherhood of Steel will appear in the game.

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