A serious glitch in FIFA 21 can ruin FUT Champions matches. Sudden game freezes

A serious glitch in FIFA 21 can ruin FUT Champions matches. Sudden game freezes

Big bug in FIFA 21 that significantly ruins the gameplay.

When it comes to testing your skills in FIFA 21, there is certainly no better option than fighting your way through the FUT Championship. The Ultimate Team mode, where the user can play 30 games over the weekend and get some nice packs, players or some coins, is very attractive, especially as it rewarding the best of the best.

In FIFA 21, however, this also poses a lot of problems – the latest one causes games to fall apart when someone tries to make a player switch.

What is this problem about?

Initially, it was even hard to pin down the cause of the error and players didn’t understand what was really going on. Still, one of the FIFA 21 Youtubers found out what the problem was.

If you are playing in FUT Champions and you or your opponent score a goal and make a team change immediately, it is likely to crash during your transition to FUT Champions and result in a loss, even if you win.

Many players noted that they also experienced a glitch in their own games but didn’t understand what happened until it was cleared up. Others have suggested that this also happens in other FUT modes, such as Draft.

bug fifa 21

For now, the problem is still part of the game, and it is not even known if the developers are aware of its existence. Either way, it is very serious and EA should deal with it ASAP.

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