What is known about Among Us from Riot – the creators of LoL? How will it be different, what to expect?

Riot sent out a poll to League of Legends players some time ago as to whether they would be interested in Among Us-style production.

Riot sent out a poll some time ago to League of Legends players as to whether they would be interested in Among Us-style production.

A few weeks ago, Riot was supposed to send out a survey to players that caused a lot of emotions. Mostly because it referred directly to Among Us.

rio games

A multiplayer social multiplayer game inspired by characters and locations from League of Legends. You have the skills to work as a team to solve mysteries, cheat other players and explore unique locations. Plays similar to Town of Salem or Among Us.

Since then, there have been several smaller and larger leaks on the web, from which you can infer what Riot’s Among Us will look like if something similar arises, of course.

What to expect from such Among Us?

First of all, there is no copying of Among’s style. There will be no drawn characters, nor will there be a combination of “people” looks. The heroes will be directly transferred from League of Legends in their own unique forms, although it must be admitted that the very fact of creating LoL champions in the InnerSloth production style could be quite an interesting and fun concept.

What to expect from such Among Us

Although such designs are very popular, they will not be used, at least according to leaks.

Maps will also vary considerably. All this is to be maintained in the atmosphere of League of Legends. There are also rumors that Riot will use the Summoner’s Rift system and add specially prepared elements to it, but this is not confirmed. Completely new arenas have been created for TFT, so something completely fresh could be created for this production as well.

Gameplay will be run from the view as it is in LoL. So there is no standard 2D. The tasks are to be strictly related to the world of Runeterra and be related in some way to League of Legends.

Among us

The release date is a complete unknown, but the release in 2020 is unlikely, at least according to leaks. It’s also worth mentioning that the game is likely to be in the LoL client, so it won’t require a separate launcher.

It is worth noting that none of this has been confirmed yet, because Riot only conducted preliminary research on this topic, so it is worth taking a look at the situation with a pinch of salt.

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