There will be something in GTA 6 that is illegal in 39 states. What does the tip from the known leaker say?

There will be something in GTA 6 that is illegal in 39 states. What does the tip from the known leaker say

A very interesting tip about GTA 6 has appeared on the web.

All information about GTA 6 comes either from Rockstar’s understatements, Take-Two plans, or just leaks. This time we are dealing with another leak, or rather a hint from someone who is relatively famous in the industry.

This is probably the first time that any news about the next part of Grand Theft Auto has not been pulled from an anonymous account on Twitter, Reddit or 4chan.

What’s new about GTA 6?

Twitter user known under the nickname “foxygames_uk”, publishing a lot of information about the next generation of consoles, wrote a very interesting message on his profile. The first is that Rockstar’s production “does amazing things with ultra-fast SSDs”, the second:

“…illegal in 39 states”

More information is said to appear when GTA 5 is released on Playstation 5. The provisional news date is 2021.

But what is the result of all this? Information about 2021 is quite clear and it is hardly anything new. Many times you could hear that Rockstar will release information about the “six” only after completing everything with the next generation of consoles.

However, the hint about the states is more interesting. As we read on Reddit, this may be a reference to stimulants that have been legalized in 11 states.


Going further:

“This could mean the game will be set in the present day as marijuana has only been legalized in recent years”.

There is more and more evidence that GTA 6 may not be a return to the past at all, but a representation of the present times.

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