Sony bans PlateStation from selling custom PS5 panels

Sony bans PlateStation from selling custom PS5 panels

In the middle of the month, we wrote about a startup PlateStation 5 in the US, which opened pre-orders for custom panels for the PS5. After a while, Sony filed a complaint, because of which the startup was forced to change its name to Custom Plates LTD.

However, this was not enough for Sony. The company has banned the sale of custom panels. Perhaps the Japanese manufacturer wants to launch its offer, therefore, against sales from other companies.

“After just one day of running our site, Sony lawyers asked us to change the name (then PlateStation5) due to trademark infringement. We thought this change was enough to make everyone happy. And we hoped it happened because we were already working on our products.

But then Sony’s lawyers told us that they believe Sony’s intellectual property extends to the panels as well. And if we continue to sell them in any country, we will find ourselves in court”.

PS5 games and accessories go on sale November 12.

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